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What if I started a blog…

Have you ever mourned an idea? You get a picture in your minds eye of how something will be? You get excited. You become invested. You make plans. Then, for whatever reason, it doesn’t work out. I have, I have mourned all sorts of ideas. I start a lot of things and I don’t always follow through on them. I especially mourned an idea this past fall. My husband, Matt, and I almost bought a small farm. It was a stretch. I think I may still be grieving losing it a little but I am certain that it wasn’t meant to be and something else better suited will come along. There is something to be said for living within your means. I was looking for a change, a new project. We are still looking for our forever home. In the mean time, I have decided to start a blog. I will channel all the excitement and vision I had for a small sustainable property to continue to be a maker in our 125 year old house in my 125 square foot kitchen, mostly in my 4×6 foot pantry. I will write a post a week.

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