Hello Reader

My name is Liz.

I live in a little old house with a teeny yard nestled at the base of the mountains in the queen city of the rockies with my husband, Matt, and my chocolate lab, Archer. I am a nurse by trade, a baker by choice, and maker of all sorts of things. My real passion is baking for people I love. Someday I would like to write a cookbook. I like to live as sustainably and organically as possible. Matt and I have a small but productive garden and we like to grow/make as much of our food on our own as possible. I brew my own Kombucha, make my own condiments, ferment my own kimchi, and bake my own sourdough bread.

I am a lover of the great outdoors and I live in the last best place. I love to hike, camp, fish, travel, practice yoga, garden, cook, read, craft and crochet.

Baking is a hobby. Baking is stress release. Baking is my love language. I love to bake for others. Whether it is my family, friends, coworkers, or husband.

Baking is a small thing I do with great love.

We cannot all do great things. But we can do small things with great love” -Mother Teresa

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