What if I started a blog?

This blog endeavor has been far more complicated that I anticipated. Building the site alone, has taken me about a month on and off. Watching videos and reading about things called widgets. Who knew? Creating a domain…. they don’t teach you this stuff in nursing school.

Eventually I am hoping to have a Saturday morning ritual where I write a blog post every week. In between Saturdays, I will post on pages I have created on the site, but not the blog itself. I made some pages about things I make weekly, like kombucha, granola, sourdough anything. I also made a food page called flavors and a baking page called flours. I can tell I am on the right track because for the first time I am writing down what I use: progress.

When I talk to people about baking and cooking I realize that I really am not as type A as I always thought I was. I will look at 10 different recipes for the same thing. I take one thing I like from one recipe, one from another, add my own twist, add something I feel like should be in it, and for whatever reason, luck maybe, things typically turn out. I will admit to flops. I have thrown out entire cakes and loaves of bread in a fit of rage that they didn’t turn out how I wanted. In that way, I tend to be a perfectionist. I will not serve it to anyone unless it is perfect. But, my path to that perfection? Its about as far from type A as you can get.

I love to take my creations to work or gift them to people I love. I love to share them and see them make peoples day a little brighter. It saves me from myself too, then I don’t eat all of my goods. I love comfort foods and bread. I love birthdays, I’m a birthday cake maker. I did recently have a disastrous cheesecake incident. It was my nightmare. My cheesecake recipe is foolproof, or I thought it was. I have probably made it over 30 times and had it turn out perfectly each time. The last time I made it I must have been rushing: lesson learned.

I am a goal setter but I want to be realistic about how I approach this blog. I work full time as a nurse and I also have a life. This blog is meant to help me to create a space where I can organize my recipes and one day compile those into a cookbook.

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